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Welcome to Wild Kao, my name is Kristy Winnall and I am Wild Kao’s founder. A few things about me, well I am a big hippy at heart (except I don’t burn my bras, they are too expensive to do that) I love all things natural and earthy, I have the mouth of a sailor and I love red wine a little too much, oh and I probably quote movies in every conversation I have.

I am just a tad passionate about our beautiful planet and this is how my Wild Kao skin care journey began. After sitting on my bathroom floor, (everyone does that, right?) and going through all the products I had stockpiled under my sink and reading through the ingredients, I kept finding palm oil and palm oil derivatives, and disturbingly the packaging was all plastic containers. This made me realise that its hard to not contribute to the problem of pollution and deforestation if there are limited alternatives in products we use each day, this discovery really motivated me to create my own skincare brand, a brand that was free of all these things, and so, after loads of research, endless phone calls and changing my mind a million times ( sorry to anyone who had to listen to me during this time ) Wild Kao was born.

Wild Kao is Artisan made, ethical and all natural skin and body care collection, that is as kind to our planet and our animal friends as it is to our skin.